Wortman Printing Receives Top CPrint Award

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Del and James Wortman, Wortman Printing of Effingham, Illinois were presented the Superior Performance in Print Shop Management award for 2019 from CPrint®, Certified Printers International. Their performance ranks them among the top five percent of all printing companies in North America.

The Alliance presents its highest award to printing companies who maintain high standards of operational and financial performance as measured by financial strength, profitability, and growth.

About Wortman Printing

Wortman Printing was started in the garage of Del Wortman in 1990 and moved to a commercial facility after two years. They moved into their current facility on South Banker Street in 1996. Son James grew up in the business and then earned a printing management degree from Lakeland College and has been with the business ever since.

Del said that he couldn’t have received the award without the efforts of his son, James, and the other employees. “I wouldn’t have thought five years ago that the business would be where it is today – we’ve doubled business in that time.”

“The Alliance sets the bar high for our performance awards and Wortman Printing exceeded those goals,” said Tom Crouser, Chairman of the group. “They are examples of how a family-based business can prosper in times of increased competition by focusing on principles and practices geared to exceptional customer service. They truly transcend what customers want and go to the heart of what customers need.”

CPrint, Certified Printers International, is an organization of independently owned family-based businesses that strive for professionalism and performance among small business that commonly lack highly developed systems and leadership. Companies from throughout the United States participate in the program.

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