What is CPrint?

CPrintCPrint ® is a contraction of Certified Printers International and is a specialized program of Crouser & Associates, Inc. designed to “help printers prosper.”

It is especially designed for small format printers with 1 to 20 employees who are applying CPrint principles of organization, finance and management to their companies.

We accomplish our mission by working one-on-one with business owners in a consulting and coaching capacity via video conferencing, email and telephone support.

And by “we,” we mean you work one-on-one with long-time industry leaders Tom Crouser and John Giles. Click to see more about us: CPrint Professionals

The program is also supported by a 24/7 online learning system for owners and employees in technical as well as management subjects. To learn more about the CPrint program, click here.

While CPrint is a specialized program designed for small format printers, Crouser & Associates does customized business consulting work outside of the printing industry

CPrint® is a registered trademark of Crouser & Associates, Inc.

To learn more about CPrint and find out if it is right for you and your business, please message Tom Crouser tom@cprint.com and start a conversation. There is no cost or obligation.