CPrint Program

The CPrint program is a comprehensive service to help you reach your goals by combining all the services of Certified Printers International and coaching from industry veterans Tom Crouser and John Giles.

CPrint Gold


During First Six Months

Learn and Implement:

  • TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) – importance to sales and how to do it
  • An easy way to Budget to guarantee your financial future
  • How to implement and use real financial statements that enlighten
  • How to organize people for growth, stability, and time management
  • Employee policies (handbook) to professionalize people management
  • How to assess, interview and select employees – including tests
  • As much about business-to-business sales as you wish to learn

As well as be accountable for things you choose

CPrint Features

  1. Status Conference: every month you meet with Tom and John to review your status, help with issues and review your finances. From there, we schedule as many individual meeting as required.
  2. Coaching: even Michael Jordan had a coach. Coaching is at the heart of our program. You meet with Tom and John as many times as necessary during the month. They’re also available via phone and email including weekends as well as weekdays. Whether selling, personnel or finance, we are there to help you.
  3. Cash: To assure you stay on track, each month we compare your performance with your budget to identify variances and make adjustments. This scoreboard is invaluable to those wishing to increase cash.
  4. Board: meet at least once a month with up to four other similar business owners. This is the place to share challenges, get feedback on equipment and more.
  5. Annual Business Review: We perform our comprehensive business analysis at the start of each program year. This identifies threats, both immediate and long-term. Similar to a physical exam or x-ray, without it, diagnosis is impossible.
  6. Training in finance, sales, supervision and more. Includes worker training in technical subjects through CPrint Academy as well as live online training in finance, sales and more. Perfect for training the next generation.

CPrint Benefits

Take-Aways: improves your cash and time. We begin with budgeting (we do it with you) and then compare your actual vs. budget each month, helping you with adjustments as needed to stay on track. Additionally, we provide guidance in getting organized (time), equipment purchases, personnel issues, sales management and anything else you face. And you meet and share with similar owners.

Paybacks: what you focus on is what gets done. Through this program you work on your business, not in it. It helps keeps you on track to earn more money with less hassle and have more free time as well as accomplish other objectives.

Delivery: through online meetings, individual coaching, email and telephone support. Especially important as this reduces your costs as no travel expenses are involved.

Commitment Period: the program has a short six-month minimum commitment, and a sixty-days cancellation beginning at month four. 

Recommended for owners who wish to achieve better performance through accountability, as well as owners in transition.

For more information, message Tom Crouser at tom@cprint.com for a no-cost or obligation initial consultation to see if this program is right for you.