CPrint Videos

CPrint Video Training Educational Programs are designed for small business, especially owners of printing, sign, and allied businesses. They are free and deal with management and ownership topics. 

1. First Step Awaken: Understand who we are, the purpose of our business, and how we can unite the two for prosperity. Business owners can often spend thirty and forty of the best years of their lives chasing the wrong goal. In this session with Tom Crouser, you will learn who we really are, and what our goal really should be. You’ll also learn to measure if you’re on track to prosperity as well as seven common success factors that may surprise you. 51 minutes Click here to view First Step Awaken

2. Financial Road Map: How are you going prosper if you don’t know how to read the road map? In this session, learn the basic Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Struggling with cash? This session is THE place to start. 54 minutes Click here to view Financial Road Map

2 Run by the numbers: What does it mean to run your business by the numbers? What numbers? Where do you find them? What do they mean? And how to know how you’re doing this month, while you have time to do something about it? Join Tom Crouser in this must-attend session. 60 minutes Click Here to view Run by the Numbers

2. Justifying Equipment Purchases: Big buying decisions can move our business forward or cripple us for years. In this session, with Tom Crouser, learn how to use the Payback Method of Justifying Equipment Purchases. Can you afford to buy? Avoiding common fallacies (irrelevant information and phantom benefits). Understand hard-wiring expenses, downside risk and effect of “no payments” for “six months.”  52 minutes. Click here to view Justifying Equipment Purchases

3 Get Organized: It’s not the prepress person, CSR or digital press operator who must get organized; it’s us, the owners. We need to know the three functions that must be done each day if we’re a one-person shop or a one-hundred-person shop. In this session, you will learn the essential functions and how they relate as well as where family members fit in. You’ll also learn the rudiments of production management tools. 60 minutes Click here to view Get Organized

4 Now Compete: How to begin? If you’re not taking these steps to compete for business; you’re not competing. Where to begin? Create Top of Mind Awareness so customers and prospects will think of you first. How? Start where you are with Recurring Job Calls and Rejuvenation (reactivation) Calls. Then spread out. Define your market but not too big. Buy a list. Create a call list. Do Verification Calls, follow up with repetitive Direct Mail. What about email? Follow this and you’ll not only increase sales but lay the groundwork for even bigger sales. 56 minutes Click here to view Now Compete

4 Defend Your Price: You know how to price, but that is just the initial step. How do you defend your price? That’s the important part. While this subject can go all over the board, we’ll focus on sharing understandings that will allow you to defend your price. Like a model to help you properly develop a relationship. How to differentiate yourself. Project your options while limiting theirs. Effect of price discounts on profitability. Why people say, “Your price is too high.” And what that really means. And much more. Follow these rules and you may not win every time, but you will improve your odds greatly. 52 minutes.  Click here to view Defend Your Price

4 Negotiating Big Stuff: While we negotiate every day, we see less success in negotiating for the big stuff – you know like equipment, building leases, and/or selling the business. And that can be fatal. So, join me, Tom Crouser, as we learn about negotiating for the big stuff including: worse case alternatives, minimum (maximum) deals, targets, irrational tendencies (overconfidence, under confidence, the finalization frenzy), no solutions, reference points, focus, issues of fairness, relationships and trust, as well as positions and interests. Also learn bracketing, “discuss-able” offers, flinches, and specific negotiation tips.  52 minutes. Click here to view Negotiating Big Stuff

5 Preparing to Retire: Are you ready to call it quits? Not so fast. Here are the two things you need to know before you can retire successfully. And how to know you’re ready to really do it. How much will you need? What happens to the business? Join me, Tom Crouser, as we discuss retirement and related topics. 55 minutes.  Click Here to view Preparing to Retire