Online Conferencing Growing Rapidly

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One way to stay connected to the CPrint support system is through our online conferencing. Even though we continue to be available via cell phone and email as well as meet face-to-face in board meetings and during onsites, online conferencing with your support teams adds unique advantages to our entire program.

Why is online conferencing better than a telephone conference as we still do sometimes? Main reason is visuals. We can see the budget and the financial statement. We can see photos of the layout and people. We see and can share most anything we can share in person. Most importantly, we can see you and you can see us. It’s the next best thing to being right there. So no longer do we have to wait months for a board meeting or an onsite visit to tackle important issues.

What’s the difference between online conferencing and online training or other online meetings? Online conferencing is where we meet with you and any other person you designate. It’s personal to you and your business. Online training is typically a webinar where many affiliates attend from different companies. And, of course, online training relates to classes and webinars we have posted at CPrint University as well. And other online meetings could be a large or small group of affiliates meeting for the purpose of a specific subject such as sales reluctance training or a pre-press issue, for instance.

Plus: Online Conferencing Advantage for You:

CPrint’s online conferencing can be a selling advantage for you as well. How? Practice. By participating in these meetings you will be ready to deal with your customers online. You’ll have your “studio” set up ($200 or less), be confident in your online connections and, most importantly, be comfortable meeting with others so it won’t be new to you.

And, agreed, few customers ask you to do this today. Just as we led our owners into email as early as 1990 and as we helped our owners establish their own websites in 1995; today, we need to prepare you for online conferencing because it’s on its way to a customer’s office near you. Remember, no one used email in business until, one day, everyone did. No one had a website and then, all of a sudden it seemed, everyone did. Same will be true with online conferencing.

So, once again CPrinters will be ready for the shift far in advance of the competitor down the street.

Note: Online conferencing helps you expand your market reach; saves you and your customer time and money; and it puts you closer to your customer than a competitor who may be located across the street from them. However, online conferencing does not replace face-to-face contacts; rather is a way to strengthen bonds between contacts using visual communications.

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