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CPrint® brings training to your people in your shop through our exclusive CPrint® Academy and CPrint University online courses as well as numerous webinars throughout the year.

Here are some of the many offerings available to CPrinters 24/7:

Finance and Financial Statements
Basic Concepts
Attest Letter
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flows
Statement of Retained Earnings and Footnotes
Justifying Equipment Purchases Using Payback
What Your Printing Business is Worth

Sales and Selling Classes
Networking, Basic and Advanced
Making Time for Selling
Intro to Sales: Battleground
Intro to Sales 2: Differentiation
Intro to Sales 3: Using a Well Defined Selling Process
Intro to Sales 4: Making the Call
Think Like a Winning Salesperson
Strike Zone, Product Line and Selling Proposition
Working Your Top Accounts
Dealing with the 4 Common Initial Objections
Lessons Learned from Canvassing
Thoughts on Getting the First Appointment
15 Pretty Good Questions for the First Appointment
Dealing with the Voice Mail Challenge
Rebuilding Relationships
Price Objection Negotiation
Listening Skills
Intro to Sales Call Reluctance
CPrint Scripts

Classes for Customer Service Representatives
Major Printing Processes
Focus on Offset
Color Theory
Entering Printing Orders
Printing Jargon
Paper Basics
Ink Basics
Type History
Type 2 Anatomy
Type 3 Selection and Use

Production and Technical Classes
Digital 1: Understanding Digital Workflow
Digital 2: Pricing Customer Created Files
Digital 3: Industry Standards for Digital Files
Digital 4: What Customers Must Know
Digital 5: What Salespeople Must Know
Digital 6: Role of Production Manager
Digital 7: Role of Prepress Staff
Digital 8: Digital Opportunities
Digital Common Sense Pricing
What Production Manager Needs to Know About Prepress
Preflighting Publisher Files
Digital Standards and Sales
Automation of Workflow
Ink as Peanut Butter and Jelly
Cutting: a Basic Primer

Getting Started in Mailing
Mailing for CSRs
Clean Data (What is it and how to get it)
Pricing Variable Data Projects
Designing and Processing Variable Data Jobs
Selling pURLs or Response URLs: parts I and II
Facing an OSHA Audit
Production Manager’s Responsibilities
Equipment Maintenance

Making Good Decisions
When Conflict Occurs: CALM method

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