CPrint Announces Transition Program

admin April 12, 2014 0

Printers who plan to sell and retire over the next 10 years are the focus of a new transition study group program from CPrint International. CPrint Chairman Tom Crouser announced the new CPrint Silver Printer Transition Program to fill a growing need in the printing industry. The group, open to anyone in the industry with no cost or obligation, will provide information regarding the selling the business or transitioning it to an insider such as a key worker or relative.

Retirement CloserCrouser said, “Our industry is at an age where many owners are considering retirement. I find that a considerable number of owners are misinformed when it comes to facts about selling the business and their misconception can lead to bad decisions and poor planning. That’s a real shame for we usually only get one chance to sell our business and many of our owners need the proceeds to retire comfortably.”

The group will receive a newsletter devoted to the subject as well as take part in surveys and webinars.

Crouser, who is also Senior Contributing Editor of Quick Printing magazine, said he would be using information developed for the group as a basis of a series of articles for Quick Printing as well as a proposed book.

To join the group go to or message tom@cprint.com and just ask to join the Transition Study Group. Please include your complete contact information.

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