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Balderdash! Whoever told you to cold call?

September 10, 2014

by Tom Crouser Let’s define cold calling as approaching a suspect/prospect that isn’t expecting you (in person or by phone), “pitching them” and expecting them to buy. You’d think by the number of sales gurus beating up on the ole cold call straw man that someone out there is saying you should do that. I […]

Cash In: Business Sale Dilemma

September 1, 2014

A business sale dilemma arose in my conference with Michael and Linda last week. I share it as a case of where not to be. Of course, names and circumstances have been changed. Here’s a cryptic version of the conversation. “When are you planning to sell?” One to two years. Oops, it often takes two […]

Sales: You Can’t Make It Up Next Month …

August 30, 2014

If you are below budget in sales this month, you can’t make it up next month regardless of how good sales are then. A football coach can’t “lose these four quarters but make it up next game.”  A loss is a loss. You can never make it up. Ever. That is because expenses happen in […]

Cash In: Being an Absentee Owner

August 25, 2014

More than one owner has had the idea to hire a manager and let them run the business while the owner retires and continues to take money out. Well, that’s wishful thinking for it rarely works. I don’t say it never works, but I’ve only seen it succeed a couple times in the last twenty-five […]

Do You Worry as an Owner?

August 24, 2014

Worry, for the most part, is fear of the unknown. An owner wrote that he was having the best month in the last five years but still worried and that he felt he was his own worst enemy. That’s because, he worries when sales are bad. And then still worries when sales are good because he has […]

Creating a Cash Flow Budget

August 23, 2014

Many times owners are stressed (worried) because we have little in the way of days’ cash on hand and/or a current ratio and we don’t seem to have a handle on our future. That can be relieved by creating a cash flow budget. Begin by calculating your current ratios and day’s cash on hand from […]