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Cash In: Long Term Ramifications of Hostage Situations

September 28, 2014

Before you decide to give up half your business to someone and become a hostage because they are willing to do what you aren’t (selling for instance), understand the ramifications for the long-term results don’t usually work out well. Most common reason for a joint ownership I see, outside of inheriting the business that way, is that […]

Navigation is Essence of Business Success

September 27, 2014

Business success is like white water rafting down a raging stream without getting impaled on the rocks. At its core, our success depends on our business skills to navigate.  “We are swamped with work and struggling to keep up. I know, it’s a good problem, but it is still a problem! Accounts Receivable is at […]

Cash In: Premature Business Transition

September 25, 2014

In the case of internal Business Transitions, I advocate businesses being “sold” to the next generation, not gifted nor inherited. This avoids many issues among siblings and family; it avoids multiple complications of “one of these days this will all be yours if you just do what I say”; and, often, the parents need the […]

Cash In: Three Takeaways from a Business Sale

September 21, 2014

A business sale is not over until it’s over. I’ve dealt with ten transitions (sales or internal sale) already this year and here are three takeaways for your consideration: you can’t retire in place; yes, print shops can sell for real money; and the details matter as much as the selling price. In two cases, […]

Cash In: Do Print Shops Really Sell?

September 21, 2014

As a follow up to last week’s “take aways,” I need to address the question one reader posed, “Do printing shops really sell with sales of $1-2 million? Have there been sales for cash where the old owners walked away?” Yes. Data Supports Print Shops Really Selling The two biggest databases of business sales (transactions) in […]

Balderdash! Whoever told you to cold call?

September 10, 2014

by Tom Crouser Let’s define cold calling as approaching a suspect/prospect that isn’t expecting you (in person or by phone), “pitching them” and expecting them to buy. You’d think by the number of sales gurus beating up on the ole cold call straw man that someone out there is saying you should do that. I […]