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Wortman Printing Receives Top CPrint Award

April 22, 2019

Del and James Wortman, Wortman Printing of Effingham, Illinois were presented the Superior Performance in Print Shop Management award for 2019 from CPrint®, Certified Printers International. Their performance ranks them among the top five percent of all printing companies in North America. The Alliance presents its highest award to printing companies who maintain high standards […]

Case of the Coming Crash and Burn

April 22, 2019

By Tom Crouser Being the creative and driving force behind a rapidly growing company isn’t all that’s required for a successful transition. At least that’s what David Summers is going to find out. His Premier Printing, a rapidly growing $2 million Portland, Oregon printing company has had sales increases averaging 28% per year for the […]

Equipment Gambling: Payback Method, Part II

January 17, 2018

Last article we reviewed developing the total costs in payback of an equipment purchase as well being able to consider the change in income because of the purchase. Now, let’s pickup on identifying the change in costs that go along with it. Here we go. Change in Costs Using Payback There are three elements of […]

Equipment Gambling: Payback Method, Part I

January 17, 2018

Let’s consider the math for justifying equipment purchases using the payback method. It’s straightforward as there are only four steps. Calculate the total cost of the purchase. Figure the marginal contribution (change in your checkbook). Use that change to calculate the payback time. Then, choose among alternatives. It’s as straightforward as that. Here’s an example. […]

Equipment Gambling: Can You Afford It?

November 21, 2017

Is it really gambling if you know you’re going to win? One printer asked me that and, well, yes, it is. Fact is most gamble with significant financial decisions instead of investing. What’s the difference? In an investment, you can only lose the investment. In a gamble, you may lose the business, the house, the […]

Five Tips for Prepress by John Giles

November 9, 2017

The following five tips can turn a prepress department into a money maker if owners pay attention to details. 5 Tips for Prepress 1. Price prepress and design differently: Don’t fall into the trap of charging one price for everything you do in the prepress department. For instance, prepress tasks to fix customer files or […]