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CPrint Announces Transition Information Program

April 12, 2014

Printers who plan to sell and retire over the next 10 years are the focus of a new transition study group program from CPrint International. CPrint Chairman Tom Crouser announced the new CPrint Silver Printer Transition Program to fill a growing need in the printing industry. The group, open to anyone in the industry with […]

Depreciation: Should I buy more equipment?

March 22, 2014

Depreciation question: When does it become helpful to purchase equipment for depreciation write offs?  You have said that it doesn’t make sense to purchase equipment for tax purposes, but I was just wondering how that relates to depreciation because we don’t have much in depreciation? Response: It makes as much sense to purchase equipment for […]

CPrint® No Longer a Franchise

January 16, 2014

A major change in structure by CPrint® International in 2012 is allowing the former print franchise to adapt faster to the changing business needs of print shops and sign companies. According to CPrint® Chairman Tom Crouser, “We continue to serve independent business owners with the only change being that we no longer have the weight […]

Online Conferencing Growing Rapidly

December 25, 2013

One way to stay connected to the CPrint support system is through our online conferencing. Even though we continue to be available via cell phone and email as well as meet face-to-face in board meetings and during onsites, online conferencing with your support teams adds unique advantages to our entire program. Why is online conferencing […]