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Cash In: What’s Training Got to do With It?

February 21, 2015

Previously, I discussed how being a hostage to a worker can prevent us from effectively selling our business, let alone running it. There is another way we can end up as a hostage, however, and that’s when we can’t train workers. It’s not that we don’t want to train; rather, it’s that we have few organized […]

CPrint® Academy

November 18, 2014

CPrint® Academy provides specific online printing skills and customer relations training for workers in the small format offset and digital printing shop. Join our program and gain access to this 24/7 online training and help us build a premiere source geared to new as well as long time print shop workers. After all, what’s worse? […]

Check List of Questions for B2B Sales Calls

November 14, 2014

Ever wonder what questions you should ask when you’re in front of prospects? While situations vary greatly, you need to be prepared and this takes planning. Here are 80 some questions, tips and idea starters in check list form that you might find useful. Sometimes one question is all it takes. More frequently, however, it takes more. […]

Cash In: Burnt Out and Ready to Sell

November 3, 2014

Bart is burnt out and ready to sell but I’m afraid it’s for the wrong reason. A tale from the trail of business transitions that you need to know about. Hope you find it useful. Bart writes: Thanks, Tom, for the personal message (I told ya I respond to your emails). I’ll try to summarize my […]

Cash In: Not Over Until It’s Over in Selling Business

October 19, 2014

Owner, who is selling business messaged, “Well it looks like we celebrated way too soon. We found out that the buyer backed out of the deal saying that if we didn’t sell at the price we were asking, he’d like to give us a lower offer.” Oops. Sorry. But it proves once again that “It’s […]

Cash In: Why Pop Won’t Transition?

October 12, 2014

Pop has a deal with Junior that he will transition the business within a time or price that’s not really specified. Nevertheless, someday this will all be his. In preparing Junior for his responsibilities in running the business, Pop puts him on the Executive Track and begins bringing him up through the ranks. What could go wrong? Well, […]